'The Sound of his Horn' is a meticulous reproduction of the paperbacks of a bygone era. From our black as midnight, matte, book cover, to our careful choice of authentic bookwove material for our book pages. Book size, font types, font sizes, layouts of text, chapters, and margins all conform to the popular standards of a bygone era, lovingly reproduced, just for you.


  • Cover painted by Lisa Falkenstern
  • Foreword by Horror Critic Kim Newman
  • Meticulous Re-Production of 80's Horror Paperbacks


Versions signed by the authors, or dedicated to a person of your choosing are also available. 


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The Sound of his Horn

SKU: 0002
  • “The Sound of his Horn”, is a chilling tale that follows an Allied soldier who falls unconscious during a prison escape, only to awaken in a world ruled by the victorious Nazi's, where political enemies are released into vast hunting grounds to be pursued in the night by terrifying steel taloned cat-women.

  • H 175mm W 110mm D 20mm (Approx)