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Why we're different...

Hex Arcana Publishing is an independent genre press dedicated to bringing you the best of new and classic horror storytelling. We are passionate about reviving the art of the hand-painted book cover, with our beautifully designed hardback and paperback volumes.

Why I Made My Own Horror Publisher - Interview with Sarah Daly
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The Book of Beastly Creatures

“There are a lot of stories packed in here, with all three authors trying to outdo each other. Some are monstrous, some are creepy, some are weird and otherworldly ... all are worth your time to read them.”

Michael Kelly, Goodreads

"A nice little collection of stories, perfect for short reading one at a time or all in one go, I would recommend."

Bruce Todd, Kickstarter Backer

“I found this to be a haunting compendium of disturbing tales, some of which were surprisingly uncanny and lingered with me for days.”

Simon Lam, Kickstarter Backer

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